Rachel E. Smith

inspiring author | Coach | Speaker | Consultant

Rachel E. Smith

inspiring author | Coach | Speaker |Consultant

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Hi I’m Rachel. I’ve recently re-discovered my authentic self and for the first time in my life, I’m on my true path and I am happy and my success is rapidly growing. I wasn’t always happy, living my best life, revelling in all things I’m passionate about. This can be you. This will be you and I will help.

After many years living unfulfilled. Knowing I was meant for more but not really knowing how to obtain or what the “more” I was seeking even was. I found out the roots of why I was where I wasn’t supposed to be. Let me jump start your journey and stay on as a continued support along the way through coaching and support by joining my private FaceBook group.

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How Will This Change My Life?

I currently make $5k/month after embarking on my writing and coaching journey just a few months ago and am projected to double that by April and triple it by this time next year. This all started once I rediscovered my authentic self and listened to the passion that was placed in me by our Creator. Re-discovery is just the beginning. Start the journey and I will see you on to your happiness and success.


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