My story

Many of us have been lost in life due to the indoctrination of accepting a life for ourselves that wasn’t meant for us. I have re-claimed the life I’m supposed to live and hope I can help you do the same as I provide you resources & a better understanding through my my own journey in the form of content.

“This is my 40” is my favorite tagline these days. It’s amazing to me that I’m already 41 but it’s more astonishing that I’ve spent so many years shackled into a life I was taught I must live and apparently failed at when all along, was not a life meant for me? Why have we accepted the caged, one size fits all mentality as our standard to live by? This mentality, that went against every fiber of my authentic being caused so much confusion, pain and heartache throughout my life. I feel so blessed that I’ve finally got a glimpse of the loving reality I was meant for amidst what I was taught.

The burning passion inside me ceasing to die down along with my feelings of mediocracy has prompted the writing of my first book that takes you on a journey, my journey, probably similar to your own of pain, heartache and confusion and betrayal. My soul knew I was lost but my mind and body had not caught up until I began to understand the why and dug deep to discover the authentic me that God created. Not the man made version of me the world pushed on me.

After many tumultuous years of survival, I found the strength to realize I was beautifully and wonderfully made for more than what I could ever imagine. I chose the only love that matters and began to come out of the fog of indoctrination which I was a slave to. I quite literally mean a slave. Do you know the mindset of a slave? It’s a mental attitude that includes feelings of inferiority. That is just the tip. Dive deep and you’ll really see the damage we as a society place on nearly everyone.

But, how can you be successful with this type of mindset? We’re disciplined and caged almost immediately after birth where we lose who we truly are and our true purpose. A feeling of you’re not quite yourself, a playing of life instead of living your life. Sound familiar? Join me as I take you through the painful journey of my enslaved life. Discover how I finally shook myself from my foggy existence and what I’m doing now to continue to grow into my full authentic self, living the life God truly meant for me when I was created. As I continue to journey through my new authentic life, I want to help you find your true authentic self and live the life you were meant to so you too can be happy and fulfilled. I would love to hear your stories and journey together.

I’m for a safe community where we all can share and learn from each other’s stories. Where, we’re not judged because we’ve mistepped along the way, but we’re helped up and over the hurdle. Like me, are you tired of what is and looking to build a life and legacy that’ll change the tide for generations?

At 41, I’m a mother, fiancé and the GM of a Gymnastics Gym working towards my passion, helping others through writing, coaching, speaking and being the loving and kind person God created me to be. If I had to choose only a few (because I swear I like doing pretty much anything and everything, experiences is where you’ll find me) things I enjoy, it would be spending time with my family doing literally anything or finding a good nook in the house with my favorite throw, a book and a cup of my Starbucks Sumatra coffee with agave and Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha Creamer or doing something active like paddle boarding, hiking, etc.

I hope you’re sitting there comfy with some of your favorites as you read this. I’m excited to help you embark on your own authentic journey and hope my words are familiar, helpful and run deep and wide. I love interacting with others. I welcome, comments, feedback, emails, connections. I want to hear from you. Stop running away and lets run to the solution of a full and satisfying life together.